More than 100 years in Industry

– 1907 
The entrepreneurial Colombo family starts a foundry specializing in casting iron and special alloys (Fonderia Getti Speciali). 

– 1945
ICMA SAN GIORGIO® established to support the foundry, initially manufacturing machines for wood processing, and later specializing in high-precision machine tools. 

– 1965
ICMA® focuses on the emerging plastics industry designing its first patented twin-screw extruders, creating the foundation for the company’s core business.
It important to highlight that Italy is a pioneer in plastic technologies and that twin screw corotating extruders were invented in Italy in 1938 by an innovative Italian engineer, Roberto Colombo., founder of LMP.

– 1974
ICMA develops a revolutionary technology to produce a composite sheet made of polypropylene and wood flour. Marketed under the trade name, Wood-Stock™, the technology was adopted worldwide by automakers including Fiat, General Motors, Ford, Nissan and others for moulding interior components. 

– 1980
ICMA builds on its prowess with twin-screw co-rotating extruders designed for technical compounds, thermoplastic rubber, masterbatch, etc., and quickly becomes a world leader in compounding technology.

– 1995
ICMA introduces a patented system for the Extrusion/Compounding of a multi-layer sheet (using a polymer with natural fillers called Naturecore™). This application was developed for the agro industrial sector for producing disposable crates, fully recyclable. 

– 2000
ICMA develops an advanced mathematical model to simulate the extrusion process of co-rotating extruders.

– 2005
ICMA's accumulated experience is successfully employed in developing new advanced compounding technologies in fields such as reactive compounding, bio compounds, recycling, PET, WPC and composite applications.

– from 2006 to present
The company today is managed by a very professional and dynamic team which has given a strong industrial and market development through the expansion of production facilities, market reach and significant investment in terms of both human resources and manufacturing capabilities.
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