The automotive industry has always been the most demanding market for performance, quality standards, weight reduction and cost saving. Only compounds specifically designed and engineered can respond to all requested targets. Only highly reliable production systems can give accurate quality and consistent repeatability.

Metal replacement

Metal Replacement is the most current subject and topic in the specialized events and literature. The emission reduction is a key theme of new international rules that are more and more pressing for environmental protection. The weight  reduction of each single component becomes a fundamental and compulsory task.

Wood-stock sheet

WOOD-STOCKTM sheets, laminated and thermo-formed, are used in the production of vehicle interior trim. The cost effectiveness of the product and the low production investment have given the success of this product application.

Heavy layer sheets

Heavy layer sheets consist of highly filled polyolefin materials with mineral powders and allow to achieve the purpose.
The target of noise reduction led to the adoption of high-density thermo-formable sheets.

ABS sheets

ABS sheets are widely used for commercial vehicles; the flexibility and ease of use make it a unique product. The direct extrusion of this sheet, with co-rotating extruders, allows the reuse of wastes of thermo-forming in large amount as well as the possibility of adding mineral fillers to improve the rigidity and cost saving of the thermo-formed product.

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