The WPC profiles are the perfect product in the Outdoor applications due to their great resistance to atmospheric and biological agents. It is the real alternative to the related products made in tropical wood, which is more and more rare and increasingly expensive. Decking made with WPC profiles are traditionally used in the residential buildings, but today are more and more seen in the construction of public places as well. Increasingly the realization of facades and the utilization of functional elements made with WPC profiles are having great success.


The construction market demands ever more efficient and eco-friendly products. The tasks are achieved by membranes based on polyolefin and / or thermoplastic rubbers.
Membranes have complex structures, co-extruded and laminated on the surfaces with various materials and also with core reinforcing nets. Special applications require flame resistance features, the direct extrusion allows the achievement of these performances at the lowest production cost.

Silent pipes

The "Silent pipe" application allows the sound insulation of the house sewage columns. The pipe core layer is extruded with Polyolefins highly filled with mineral powders which give the required sound proof task.

Cable coating

Regulations on materials for the coating of wires carries the market towards the products based on polyolefin. The HFFR compounds have a topicality because they guarantee the flame retardant standards in compliance with the emissions regulations.

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