Twin Screw Extruders

ICMA manufacturing range is inclusive of standard twin-screw corotating extruders and high-torque version to cover a very wide range of plastic compounded products.

The extruders, entirely designed and manufactured by ICMA, are supplied with modular structure gear-boxes adaptable to the working conditions of the various versions (low-speed, high-speed, high-torque and high-volume).

- Modular design for screw and barrel
- Built-in water circuit for barrel cooling 
- Intermeshing screw geometry
- Energy-saving heating system 
- Updated electronic control devices

- Highly flexible modular system
- Energy saving, low specific-energy consumption
- High intake capacity of feed screws 
- Fast recipe or colour change due to self-wiping geometry
- High plasticisation capacity
- Calibrated control of melt temperature
- High homogenising/distributive extrusion capacity
- High dispersive extrusion capacity
- Fine-tuning of residence time-shear/elongation stresses parameters balance
- High venting efficiency due to the large surfaces and to the system’s modularity

Wear-resistant steel and removable liners can be applied according to the type of process.
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